from the Village Voice

By Peter Frank

...Finally, in the back are Sam Wiener's miniature interiors, dollhouse-size art galleries... wait a minute, these are miniature versions of real spaces, elegant white-walled art marts just up West Broadway from O.K. Harris and even including O.K. Harris. Okay, so that's a miniature Warhol in that miniature Castelli Gallery, a mini-Mangold in the mini-Weber space, a mini-Olitski in the mini-Emmerich... no, wait Wiener hasn't ripped off Richard Pettibone's miniaturizations of Pop masterpieces, he's made his Lilliputian art-works of common objects, the kind one buys in a hardware store or supermarket: scouring pads, bouillion cubes, aluminum foil, and excerpts from packages of all sorts (especially in the food-filled Meisel Gallery). It's a laugh riot for anyone familiar with the intentions and pretensions of current American art, carried off through a deft manipulations of scale.