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Those Who Fail To Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It. Created in 1970 for the ?Peoples? Flag Show?, the original title was ?45,391 [the Americans killed in Vietnam at that time] and counting". It was put away after the Vietnam war ended, but has been brought out again, with the new title, several times since. It is entirely relevant today.

Poster, silkscreen on aluminum foil paper, for the Vietnam Moratorium

Overprint on ?NO MORE? poster at the time of U.S. involvement in Central America conflict

Vietnam protest piece made from a Statue of Liberty souvenir

Vietnam protest piece using Pres. Nixon?s Xmas card ?The President and Mrs Nixon wish you a joyful holiday season?


Fallout Shelter? The instructions read: climb in, pull cord to lower lid, remain safe forever.

Four Easy Pieces. The four pieces of the NYC jigsaw are approximately what would be destroyed by one Hiroshima size bomb

Hiroshima-New York?This ensemble consists of a map of the New York City area showing rings of destruction caused by one Hiroshima size bomb. In the middle a cracked mirror in which the viewer sees himself fractured. The Ikebana (floral arrangement) is a burnt branch. And the book contains contrasting photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with New York tourist pictures.

It couldn?t happen here [NYC] ? You bet your life it could!

Mutually Assured Destruction?Glass houses and stones?the USSR on one side, the US on the other

Lower Manhattan before and after the nuclear bomb. Note that this was created long before 9/11, and note well the difference between what those planes did and what a nuclear bomb would do.